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Creativity is an unstoppable force that seeks only to find solutions. 


My creative path began with film production 9 years ago. After studying in university I acquired and co-owned a full service production company that specialized in music videos and short films. Since then I have been actively producing, directing, shooting, and editing both film and video content.

Photography and graphic design came next which started as a passion but quickly grew into a new mode of expression and creative offering. I have worked with companies to refresh and build new brands as well as campaigns. 

Dance and fire-spinning was next and I have been training in contemporary jazz, hip-hop, dancehall, and double fire staffs for over 4 years. I have performed both live and on screen and continue to grow and evolve my skillset.


Each medium I create with teaches me more about the others and gives me the perspective to accomplish projects of all kinds. If I can dream it, I can create it.

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